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Statsify is an easy to use multipurpose Discord bot for viewing your Hypixel stats. Statsify can track statistics in several game modes on the Hypixel Network, such as Bed Wars, Sky Wars, Duels, and many other minigames. It is the #1 stat bot for tracking your progress and improvements while playing Minecraft.


Beautiful visuals are provided by Statsify for every game on Hypixel. Simply input /bedwars into Discord to see your BedWars stats or those of your friends. To see further games, type / followed by the name of the game. To quickly search for yourself, you may link your Minecraft account to your Discord with /verify


Using Statsify's robust leaderboard command, you can browse approximately 2,000 leaderboards. The leaderboards may be seen using /leaderboard followed by the game and the stat. For instance, to display the leaderboard for WoolWars Wins, for instance, write /leaderboard woolwars leaderboard: overall wins After executing the command, it is possible to rapidly switch to another player or position using the search buttons. You can also use the buttons provided to move around the leaderboard and look at the other pages for that leaderboard.

Session Stats

Using session stats, Statsify allows you to display your stats as if you began playing today. There is no need to worry about your past losses, you can just focus on the now. To quickly obtain your session stats, type /session followed by the game of your choice. For example, enter /session tntgames to get your session TNT Games stats. Session stats are tracked independently of your overall stats so you can reset them via /reset session.


Statsify makes managing your guild easier. Simply enter /guild top to see the members of your guild with the most GEXP for the day, week, or month. Track individual guild members and their GEXP with the /guild member command. Use /guild leaderboard to see your guild's place on the leaderboards. Statsify's unique features, such as monthly GEXP, make it simple to promote and demote users and monitor their long-term success. Using /guild overall, you can quickly compare your guild against others'.


Statsify has a plethora of helpful Hypixel utilities. For example, you can use /recentgames to see any player's last played games or /status to see what a player is currently playing. Using /gamecounts, you can track Hypixel's game popularity without ever opening minecraft.

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Statsify gives options for seeing a player's overall Minecraft profile. View a player's skin with /skin, see a player's prior names using/namehistory, see a player's cape with /cape. You can even create your own Minecraft text with /text!


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